Your practice can run more smoothly with less effort on your part.

What if your practice ran smoothly and your revenue was maximized, allowing you to have time for life outside of work? With the help of the experts from CPS and CPS software, your practice can run more smoothly with less effort on your part.

Contract Analysis

  • Do you understand your contracts? Or do you just sign without asking for changes?
  • Are you unsure how to protect your practice against unfair contract language?
  • Do you understand the rates in the contract and how and when the rates can change?
  • Does the contract allow discount cards?
  • Does the contract allow your discounted rates to be sold to other insurance companies?

Understanding insurance contract language and what constitutes good language is the first step in contract negotiations. Rate language that is ambiguous and that can be changed unilaterally does not protect your future income. CPS has experience with contracting in Northern Colorado and understands the value of your practice in this market. Call CPS for your practice management needs. With our help, you can be more profitable and have more time to devote to the practice of medicine and your life outside of work.

Coding Audits
Are you under or overcoding?
Is your documentation sufficient?
How many 99215 codes are appropriate for your practice?
Which CCI edits apply to your practice?
CPS can audit your coding and documentation and provide your practice with suggestions for improvement.
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